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Shade Tree Head Porting

This page is for the DIY (Do It Yourself) porting enthusiast. Here, we will explore many facets of race and offroad engine part porting.

Build a Precision Flow Bench...
Micro Flow Bench
Now building your own flowbench is easier than ever!

Special Feature!

What happens when you stuff bigger valves into a Ford GT40P head?

Guy Tate did just that!

Special Announcement
The pages referring to trimming the GT40P spark plug boss have been removed. I have received a report of spark plugs loosening in one case. While this may not have anything in common with trimming the plug boss, I have decided to remove those pages that show any modifications to the plug boss.

What's Cooking?

Project E7 Hits Water
Be sure to check out the Project E7TE Update for important details

And you GT40P folks

Be sure to check out the biggest collection of GT40P info available:
Ford's GT-40P Cylinder Head web site, hosted by Sean Meldrum. It doesn't get any better!

:: site updates ::

11/22/04 Making highly detailed Port Molds for about $2.00 per port.

9/26/04 Valve seat inserts don't always fit well. Is it a problem? Valve Seat Issues

2/29/04 A Mustang 5.0 lower intake gets a going over

12/15/03 GT40P exhaust port mold added to Visual Aids column, Port Molds

11/30/03 GT40P intake port mold and Mouse's ported E7TE intake mold added to Visual Aids column, Port Molds

10/13/03 What will bigger valves do for the Ford GT40P head? Average Guy

10/8/03 E7 exhaust port molds added to the Port Molds feature in the Visual Aids column

10/3/03 Ford's Infamaous E6TE! How can you identify them?

8/18/03 Project E7 gets an update

8/7/03 New Dept added: Visual Aids starts off with the E7TE intake port molds

7/24/03 Backyard backcuts for your valves: Working the Angles added to the Features column

5/18/03 CCing Your Heads added to the Features column

5/12/03 Measuring air flow, Phase 1 added to Projects column

4/21/03 More added to the E7 Part IV article

3/23/2003 Piston to Valve Clearance (P/V C) measuring article added to Features column

2/19/2003 Head Porting Primer added to Features column. A link to, head porting article. Good reference and glossary of terms.

2/16/2003 Part III of Project E7 installed. Must reading for all diyPorters!

2/13/2003 'Tools of the Trade' added to the Features column

2/3/2003 New catagory added called 'Just for Fun', debuting the short article, 'Head Tuneup'

1/29/2003 Breaking Through! Sleeving Push Rod Holes is added to Features Column.

1/26/2003 Project E7 Part II, Intake Port added.

1/23/2003 Ground work being layed for Project E7 part II with Valve Shrouding artical in Features column

1/17/2003 Added GT40P Overview, links you to the largest collection of GT40P info available. Must see!

1/9/2003 'Flowbee' II overview added. The 'Flowbee' is getting pretty good at measuring CFMs

1/3/2003 Project E7 launched. Part 1 of a 4 part series on Fords E7TE head casting.

11/17/2002 Threaded Wand article added. Don't miss this porters!

11/12/2002 This wonderful Home page template is added. Now if I can come up with a banner.

11/03/2002 GT40P exhaust porting is posted.

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