Project E7

Change of Plan

I have found the E7 intake port responding so well to basic porting that I want to continue working on it before working on the exhaust port. So I have changed the plan for Project E7.

The Ford E7TE head casting is very popular with DIY porters because it is cheap, plentiful, and not a bad performer as is. Designed for Fords truck line, it found itself on the 5 Liter Mustang block in 1987 and stayed there almost a decade.

In the first installment of this series, we size-up the E7 with a general overview.

In Part II, we do a little basic porting of the intake port, such as trimming the valve guide and unshrouding the valve. Then we do some more detailed porting and valve work.

The third installment will feature further porting of the intake port to see just how much flow the E7 intake port and stock valve can support.

In the last installment, we will work the exhaust port.